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Banner photos courtesy Kodiak Historical Society Slifer Collection, 70-167-17-2 Learn Collection, 386-66
Historic Photos of Kodiak
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About Us


The mission of the Kodiak Maritime Museum is to recognize, preserve, and interpret Kodiak's maritime heritage.


Kodiak Maritime Museum is a nonprofit corporation that began its voyage in 1996 to educate the public about Alaska’s commercial fishing industry and maritime heritage and to preserve this history for posterity.

The people of Kodiak and all of Coastal Alaska have depended on Alaska’s wealth of marine resources since the first people arrived in the region thousands of years ago. But it was the expansion of Alaska’s commercial fisheries during the 1900s that brought tremendous change to Coastal Alaska.

During this time, Kodiak grew from a small fishing village to one of the top two fishing ports in the nation. Whaling stations, salmon canneries, herring plants, and halibut, crab and groundfish processing plants throughout the Kodiak Archipelago employed thousands of people and kept Kodiak's fishing fleet — the largest in Alaska — busy year round.

The last 100 years in the fisheries were spent making history rather than recording it. But when KMM's founders witnessed the fisheries undergo drastic changes in the 1990s, they knew it was time to launch an effort to preserve firsthand accounts and artifacts from this illustrious and dramatic part of the state’s history.

Much of Alaska’s maritime heritage is housed in museums on the West Coast. KMM is setting a new course to preserve Alaska's maritime history in a maritime heritage center on Kodiak's working waterfront.

Fundraising Events

Tastes and Tales from the SeaAfter eight years of Tastes and Tales of the Sea annual fundraiser dinners, KMM is moving in a new direction for public fundraising events. We will post updates on our plans as they become available.

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