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Banner photos courtesy Kodiak Historical Society Slifer Collection, 70-167-17-2 Learn Collection, 386-66
Historic Photos of Kodiak
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Walter Stepanof Sr. • Ocean Beach, Chignik • late 1930s

Sea Stories: True Tales from Kodiak's Maritime History

For centuries, mariners have been going down to the sea in ships around Kodiak- Alutiiq marine mammal hunters, European explorers, Russian fur traders, Yankee whalers, and modern day commercial fishermen. KMM explores that history in this ongoing series of true stories of adventure and heroism, tragedy and survival in the waters of the North Pacific and the Bering Sea. Check back regularly for new sea stories! These stories originally appeared in the Kodiak Daily Mirror, and are copyrighted by Kodiak Maritime Museum. Use by permission only.
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Ken Woods holding crab, 1975

When Crab Was King:
The Rise and Fall of the
Kodiak King Crab Fishery

An Oral History

A radio project of the Kodiak Maritime museum presented as a series of three-minute audio shows based on interviews with Kodiak fishermen, processor workers, and others who lived and worked this amazing, short-lived, fishery.
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Guy Powell

When Crab Was King:
Faces of the Kodiak King Crab Fishery, 1950-1982

A series of twenty-four photographic portraits of fishermen, processing workers, bartenders, store owners and ordinary people who lived through the boom years of the Kodiak King Crab Fishery, which lasted from the 1950s to 1982.
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Thelma C

Thelma C Restoration Project

The 36 foot salmon seine vessel Thelma C was rescued from the burn pile and now, with recent funding from the Alaska State Legislature, the boat will be restored it to its original condition and installed as a permanent outdoor interpretive exhibit on land near St. Paul Harbor in downtown Kodiak.
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Candidate Sites

KMM Museum Building Plans

As most people in Kodiak know, Kodiak Maritime Museum is still a "museum without walls." A maritime museum in Kodiak would house artifacts, educate the public, and preserve the maritime history of Kodiak though interpretive programs and permanent exhibits.
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Fishermen Outl Load

We Remember:
Images of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill on Kodiak Island

An exhibition of photographs and video of the spill taken by the people of Kodiak Island in the summer of 1989.
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Fishermen Outl Load

Fishermen Out Loud

The all ages event featured original poems, stories and songs about Kodiak, fishing and the sea presented by talented fishermen / artists.
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Peggy Dyson

Voice of the North Pacific

Prior to the advent of faxes, email and cell phones, mariners throughout the North Pacific listened up when they heard WBH-29 Kodiak — aka Peggy Dyson — on the radio.
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Martin Wandersee

Kodiak Fish Tales, Petroglyphs and Pioneers: An Oral History Program

During their lifetime, Kodiak old-timers witnessed and participated in the town’s dramatic development from a small fishing village of 400 people to one of the top fishing ports in the nation.
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Skiff Load of Fish

Unburied Images: KMM Photo Acquisition & Preservation Program

Kodiak Maritime Museum is on the hunt for old photographs relating to Alaska’s fisheries, the fishing industry and, in general, Kodiak’s maritime history.
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Harbor Gateway Design Project

Once funding is in place, the Harbor Gateway Project will transform Kodiak's St. Paul Harbor into a maritime museum without walls.
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