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Banner photos courtesy Kodiak Historical Society Slifer Collection, 70-167-17-2 Learn Collection, 386-66
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Sea Stories: True Tales from Kodiak's Maritime History

Walter Stepanof Sr. • Ocean Beach, Chignik • late 1930s
Walter Stepanof Sr. • Ocean Beach, Chignik • late 1930s

For centuries, mariners have been going down to the sea in ships around Kodiak- Alutiiq marine mammal hunters, European explorers, Russian fur traders, Yankee whalers, and modern day commercial fishermen. KMM explores that history in this ongoing series of true stories of adventure and heroism, tragedy and survival in the waters of the North Pacific and the Bering Sea. Check back regularly for new sea stories! These stories originally appeared in the Kodiak Daily Mirror, and are copyrighted by Kodiak Maritime Museum. Use by permission only.

All Sea Stories can be found on the KMM blog.


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