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Kodiak Maritime Museum
Banner photos courtesy Kodiak Historical Society Slifer Collection, 70-167-17-2 Learn Collection, 386-66
Historic Photos of Kodiak
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As Kodiak's newest museum, we are currently a "museum without walls" and are working diligently towards establishing not only a building, but a maritime heritage center in the community. Please visit our virtual exhibits below to learn about Kodiak's diverse maritime culture.

Map of Kodiak IslandKodiak

A Bond with the Sea

Why do the people of the Kodiak Archipelago live and work in such a challenging place? It's the sea. It's an ancient passion for life on the open ocean.

Click here to learn about the Kodiak Archipelago.

TrawlerVessels of Kodiak

A Blend of Form and Function

The vessels in Kodiak are as diverse as the island's fisheries. From massive 125-foot crabbers to pint-sized 32-foot gillnetters and jig vessels, these boats are a blend of form and function. Click here to learn more.

Pacific Salmon

An Enduring Gift from the Sea

King Salmon - Ocean and SpawningSalmon are anadromous fish that hatch in fresh water, migrate out to sea, and return to fresh water to spawn.

Click here to learn about the life cycle and different types of salmon.

Alaskan Crab Fishing

Harvest from the Icy Depths

Crab fishing in Alaska is statistically the most dangerous job in America. But every year, Kodiak crabbers are there – out west – wresting crab from the bottom of the sea.

Click here to learn more about the the different types of crab and what it takes to catch them.

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