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Vessels of Kodiak: A Blend of Form and Function

The vessels in Kodiak are as diverse as the island’s fisheries. Only here in the Port of Kodiak can you observe the entire range of Alaska's commercial fishing vessels. From massive 125–foot crabbers to pint-sized 32–foot gillnetters and jig vessels, these boats are a blend of form and function. Through the years, the design of many boats has been refined by hard-earned experience.

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Purse Seiner

Purse Seine Boats

  • Range from 36 to 58 feet.
  • Constructed of steel or fiberglass with a few wooden boats left in the fleet.
  • Use 4 to 5-person crews.
How they fish:
Purse Seine Boat Seining

Purse Seine Boat Pursing
  • Fish for salmon or herring.
  • Encircle fish with a draw-string-like net or "seine."
  • Seine net is cinched tight from bottom, like a purse.
  • Net with fish is hauled on board with powerful hydraulic equipment.
  • Fish are then "brailed" (loaded onto the deck and into the fish hold.)
  • Also fish for cod or rockfish using hook-laden "jigging" machines that lift baited hooks up and down, enticing the fish to bite.

Sport Charter Boat

Sport Charter Boats

  • Range from 24 to 50 feet.
  • Many provide luxurious fishing experience – large windows, lots of deck space and roomy living quarters.
  • Fish for king or silver salmon, halibut, rockfish, seabass and lingcod.
Longline Vessel

Longline Vessels

  • Range from 32 to 150 feet.
  • Constructed of steel or fiberglass (some old wood halibut schooners still among the fleet).
  • Use 4 to 6-person crews.
How they fish:
Longliner Fishing
  • Use skates – narrow line with baited hooks.
  • Longlines are set on ocean floor for halibut, sablefish (black cod), and cod.

Setnet Skiff

Setnet Skiffs

  • Range from 18 to 26 feet.
  • Constructed of aluminum, fiberglass or wood.
  • Use 2 to 5-person crews.
  • Fish all 5 species of Pacific salmon.
  • Crew lives in cabin on shore.
How they fish:
  • Skiffs are used to set nets – one end on shore, other anchored off shore.
  • Salmon are picked from nets and iced down.
  • Salmon are delivered to large collection boats (tenders) twice a day.

Kodiak Waterfront Guide

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