Preserving Kodiak's Maritime Heritage

Harbor Gateway Design Project

Once funding is in place, the Harbor Gateway Project will transform Kodiak's St. Paul Harbor into a maritime museum without walls. There are three components to the project:

  1. Archways and all-weather illustrated display maps orienting the visitor to downtown Kodiak and the harbor, and describing places nearby places of interest. 
  2. Transformation of an existing building near the harbor into the “Peggy Dyson ‘Voice of the North Pacific’ Interpretive Center.” An interactive display within the building will tell the story of Peggy Dyson, who broadcast marine weather forecasts and relayed messages to Alaskan mariners for 25 years. The Interpretive Center will also house displays describing the effect of weather on Alaskan mariners and the role of the U.S. Coast Guard in keeping them safe. 
  3. An open-air interpretive display of the historic salmon fishing vessel "Thelma C," mounted on dry land near the harbor. The boat was built in 1964 following the March 1964 earthquake and tsunami which destroyed much of Kodiak’s fishing fleet. The restored vessel and display will allow visitors a close-up examination of the vessel and the opportunity to learn how the crew lived and worked while catching caught salmon around Kodiak Island.